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invisible gardeners dont panic its organic
Attention all Health and Organic Gardening Enthusiasts

The Invisible Gardener has put together a great package deal for his Organic Gardening Ebooks, his Radio shows and his life time memberships in his club called ClubIg (IG for Invisible Gardener)!
Each ebook normally cost $2.99 with some ebooks even more, radio shows and membership are each $55.

Now you can get it all for $20!

You Heard it Right…

-Would you like to know what chemicals you must avoid in your organic garden?

-Do you want to know what organic and natural sprays that you should be using in your home and garden for pest and disease control?

-Wouldn’t it be cool to have a reference guide available at your finger tips any time you had a pest or garden disease problem?

-Wouldn’t you like to have access to an Organic Expert—As a member, you will always be able to talk directly with the Invisible Gardener and get his help. He does a radio show every sat mornings. You can make a date to be on his show and talk with him or you can send him email and he will answer on the next show.

-By not using chemicals in your home and garden-You have to admit this is something that you and your family’s health could benefit from, don’t you agree?

Well if you answered yes to any of those questions above, then let me introduce to you…

Invisible Gardener’s Special Offer

Get all of his Ebooks plus life time Membership to ClubIG (Club Invisible Gardener) plus access to all of his Organic Gardening and Environmental Alert Radio shows for only $20!

Thats right, you pay only once $20!

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-Can You REALLY Afford To Get Sick From Not Knowing these simple methods of Organic and Natural Pest and Disease Control for the Home and Garden?

-After All, The Evidence Proves It’s Not Only Harming Your Body And Putting A Major Strain On Your Health and your Family … It’s Putting A Dent In Your Wallet Too!

The Only Person That Can Save Your Health is YOU…
And It All Starts With Using This Powerful
Resource Today

Here’s The ENTIRE Package Laid
Out For You Step by Step:

Dances with Ants

The Invisible Gardener started in 6th grade doing ant treatments , the book has evolved into the book that is available now. Shows no kill methods as well as home made sprays etc.

natural ant control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Let’s face it…we all have ants and how we control them determines how healthy and safe we will be afterwards. So if you are tried of having ants in your home as well as using chemicals then here is the book for you.

Inside of this manual, you will discover the “natural” ways the Invisible Gardener has developed in controlling ants without chemicals that can harm you and your family. Also covered the many “no-kill” methods of keeping ants off your plants, developed by The Invisible Gardener.

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Organic Gardening Guide

Save yourself years of mistakes, learn from a master gardener what he has taken years to discover. Learn how to use Brix readings to control pests and diseases. Learn the basics of growing organically with many methods he has used over the years to keep his clients gardens beautiful without harmful chemicals.

natural and organic  gardening guide ebook

($4.99 Value)

Have you ever wondered what makes the vegetables you eat so tasty? Did you know that all we are trying to do is to get minerals into our bodies and that if the vegetables do not have these minerals, you will not get them either?

Inside this reference guide, you will learn what the Invisible Gardener uses as natural alternatives that can prevent these unwanted problems from occurring in your vegetable garden. By using a refractometer to measure Brix readings of the plant, you can determine in advance if you are going to have a problem with that plant. This book also tells you what to do about it.

Natural Tree Care

Helps you to Protect Your Trees, keeping them healthy pest and disease free. Also covers drought protection. Includes tree vents, foliar applications, natural controls of many pests and diseases. Shows you how to use Brix measurements in controlling pests and diseases on trees.

natural tree care ebook

($4.99 Value)

Natural Rose Care

This book helps you to have beautiful organic roses.

natural rose ebook

($4.99 Value)

Let the Invisible Gardener show you how it is done.

Natural Flea Control

Got Pets? Keep them healthy and get this ebook!
natural flea and tick control ebook

($4.99 Value)

It is not easy to keep fleas and ticks off your pets and out of your hoe without the help of someone who knows. Let the Invisible Gardener help you to have a 100% organic and natural home free from any of these pests.

Natural Fruit Tree Care

Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your fruit tree needs.

natural fruit tree ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got Citrus? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to protect them from the HLB citrus disease. Learn the various methods of natural and Organic Fruit tree care straight from The Invisible Gardener.

Try it First and Then Make Your Final Decision…

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Natural Lawn Care

Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your natural and organic lawn care needs.

natural lawn ebook

($4.99 Value)

Lawns are easy if you know how. With this guide you will be able to show off your organic lawn. Also covered is how to have a healthy lawn with 50% less water.

Try it First and Then Make Your Final Decision…

Compost It the Ebook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your compost production needs.

compost it ebook

($4.99 Value)

There are many ways to make compost. Here are some tricks of the trade you should know to make your compost the best in town. Also covers Rock Dust.

Organic Bed Bug Control
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your natural bed bug needs.

bed bug ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got Bed Bugs? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to protect tour family from these bed bugs without using harmful chemicals.

Natural and Organic Fly Control
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your fly control needs.

natural fly control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got Flys in the home? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to control flys naturally.

Natural Cockroach Control EBook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your organic cockroach control needs.

natural cockroach control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got Cockroaches? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to control cockroaches win your home without using harmful chemicals.

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Natural Disease Control and Chart

This chart covers all the many ways naturally that you can make and use in the organic and natural control of diseases. A great chart.

natural and organic disease controls and chart

($4.99 Value)

This charts shows you 3 methods of natural disease control: store, online, homemade,

Natural Mosquito Control
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your mosquito control needs.

natural and organic mosquito control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got mosquitos? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to control mosquitos naturally.

Natural Pest Control Ebook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your natural pest control needs.

natural pest control ebook

($4.99 Value)

This is the book that started it all. The Ebook version has been upgraded over 72 times!

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Natural Snail Control EBook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your organic snail control needs.

natural snail and slug control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Easy and simple way to control snails and slugs organically.

Natural Spider Control EBook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your natural spider control needs.

natural spider control ebook

($4.99 Value)

Got Spiders? Let the Invisible Gardener show you how to control spiders in your home without any harmful chemicals.

Natural Termite Controls EBook
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your natural termite control needs.

natural termite contol ebook

($4.99 Value)

Here are several natural methods of both sub and dry wood termites.

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Rock Dust EBook

Let the Invisible Gardener tell you about Rock Dust and how to use it.

rock dust ebook

($4.99 Value)

UnderGround Pest Controls
Let the Invisible Gardener help you with all of your under ground pest control needs.

organic under ground pest control

($4.99 Value)

There are ways to control gophers and other under ground pests with out using the usual toxic chemicals. Here is how.

The Guarantee

If for ANY reason you don’t feel having these ebooks, membership and access to The Invisible Gardener radio shows is the best health investment you’ve ever made, then send us an email or call the office within 60 days and we’ll refund your money with zero hassle and no questions asked.

There is absolutely ZERO risk on your part. So click the “Yes I want this Great Deal” button below now to get started now.

yes I want this great deal

Invisible Gardener’s Natural and Organic EBook, membership, radio show offer

… Don’t miss out on this LIMITED TIME discount price!


Andy Lopez
Invisible Gardener

1-310-457-4438 local

P.S. Don’t forget, with our no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee you have 60 days to read and use my ebooks, to listen to my radio shows and or to talk to me and get more help and to make sure it is the best health investment you have EVER made. Get your no-risk copy by clicking Yes I want a great deal now.

We Use PayPay as well as use PayPal for their credit card processing so it is all secure.


Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

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Darkness is Coming

here is my latest Song and Video

Darkness is Coming:

use 852 Hz for healing


all my songs are available thru my online Store


andy lopez

Invisible Gardener

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Please Heal EveryOne 440 Hz

This song is to Heal All Living Things….. Play 5 mins a day

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Gardening Questions

March 13th 2015

Question: Great column! Where do you buy Rico’s compost?  Thanks for all your advice.  I have installed those PVC pipes for deep watering of the fruit trees.  Noticeable progress!

I know it is not organic gardening, but it is curious as to why a high percentage of oak trees are dying especially on west facing slopes. We live up Mulholland Hwy. and the hillsides are turning brown from dying or dead oaks.  Not to mention pine trees (drought and bark beetle?). Is the drought responsible for the oaks as well or is it a disease?  Any insight would be appreciated.  When an entire oak turns brown, is there any chance it will come back?  Oaks are usually the best when it comes to recovering after a fire, but this is way different.  Pretty sad, some of these oaks are hundreds of years old.


Answer: Hi

Rico’s Compost info you can email me and I will forward to him.

Concerning the OAKs, You won’t believe how many people say Oaks don’t need to get watered cause they are drought tolerant! Yes they are drought tolerant because they have deep roots that tap into underground water sources and with ground water depleted, there is nothing for them now and they rely on surface water like others and with no surface water they will die. So if you want to keep them alive and they are on your property, set up a drip system to deep water once or twice a month.

Drought causes a great deal of stress to everything including trees. Insects / Diseases will attack them if they are stressed out due to lack of water or lack of minerals. So you might also want to think about hiring a professional to organically fertilize them. Once trees turn brown its dead. If only a part then the other part might come back under proper care.

Question: Hello, Andy

Thank you for the wealth of information you provide; you have stimulated me at an old age to try gardening.  Therefore, I pose two questions.

1.  What is stone dust and where can it be purchased?  I went to Home Depot and was shuffled to a number of places and finally found a place where I found many 1000 pound bags of stone and sand.

2.  About 3 or 4 years ago I bought three climbing, blossom vines, two white and one pink; after the first blooms fell off, there were no further blooms——until surprisingly, the pink vine recently started to bloom—I made no change in the care of the vines.

Please explain why the pink blossom vine  restarted blooming and the others  failed.  

Also, please advise how I can nurture them so that all will start to bloom.

Thank you,


Answer: Rock dust (a source of minerals) you order online. I buy from Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply in N Ca in Grass Valley. As for your second question, you did not say what type of plants they are and if they were planted next to each other? Please know that if they are near any source of high nitrogen they will not bloom so that could be the problem (think lawn). To insure bloom, use an organic fertilizer for blooming plants. I use Superseaweed which really makes em bloom but you can use say a good organic rose fertilizer. I would make sure they get their rock dust three times per year. I also spray the roses (all flowering plants) with a variety of things which I make in my garage to encourage them to bloom.

Andy Lopez

Invisible Gardener

Happy growing, organically of course!

Any questions? Email me at

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andy Lopez Invisible Gardener – Broadcast – Grooveshark

andy Lopez Invisible Gardener – Broadcast – Grooveshark. Stop by for all my songs includes the latest healing songs

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Invisible Gardener Show

right here every Friday

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16 ways to kill all living beings on earth within 100 years

Feb 1 2015 I have updated this to read easier…. 16  ways to kill all living beings on earth within 100 years 16 ways to kill all living things on earth within 100 years…… (please note, originally it was 50 … Continue reading

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